A Note From the Founder


As we celebrate 1Eatz' 1st year launch anniversary this week, I reflect back at how far we have come within a year.

The Beginning

1Eatz’ idea was born out of necessity when my husband and I were blessed with twins and our lives changed completely. Our days became more chaotic as we tried to juggle between our full time jobs and a growing family.  We knew it was time for a change when we found ourselves skipping meals in order to make room in our daily schedules. In the past, we always enjoyed cooking at home and focused on eating healthy, something for which we now lacked time.

There was a need that was simply not being met with fast food, takeout and frozen meals considering their cost and nutritional values.  Looking around, we found many others like us who needed a solution for quick but healthy homemade meals.  To explore this further, I eventually left my corporate career and after extensive research and testing, created the Egg Kits.

Egg Kits were meant to not only save meal prep time, but also reduce the number of utensils used when prepping and cooking, and of course provide an option to eat quick and healthy homemade meals that tasted great.

The Launch

We launched in June of 2020 with 4 different flavors of Egg Kits. With the primary goal of staying close to our customers and keeping them happy, we closely monitored their feedback for the first 6 months. As a result, we began the year 2021 with some changes based on the feedback we received. This not only included updates to the product packaging, but we also discontinued the least popular flavor and introduced 2 new ones!

Thanks To Our Customers...

We now have 5 exciting flavors of Egg Kits and this is just the beginning.  Creating a brand from the ground up and watching it grow compares with nothing I’ve ever done. The most rewarding aspect has been getting positive feedback from customers when they use the Egg Kits. I am truly thankful to those that reached out to us over the past year with questions, comments and feedback. 

A Note For The Future

With such a great start, we are continuing to build upon the most important factor: direct input from people who matter the most – our customers! As we grow, our goal will always be to make wholesome and nutritious meals quick and easy while keeping our customers an integral part of the process.

Sana S.
Founder, 1Eatz

About 1Eatz

1Eatz offers single-serving Egg Kits that act as “mini” meal kits loaded with all-natural veggies, herbs and seasoning.  Simply mix eggs with the contents of the kit and cook anyway you like.  They are made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives and can be used to cook in a variety of ways!  They come in handy single-serve pouches that don’t require refrigeration and have a long shelf life at room temperature.

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